Road to Bollywood
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Music video by Rosencranz brothers

Performed by Melissa Mary Ahern

Song written by Michael Leviton

Directed by Albert Rudnitsky


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This is the story about one day in the life of a young writer, Fedor Bogdanovich who doesn’t want to stay inside. He lives in a world where everyone believes they are safer by staying and working at home and digitally connecting to the world.

Walking Rebel is inspired by a Ray Bradbury short story and its relevance to the Covid-19 pandemic.



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A parody of the political situation in Russia based upon the true story of the recent arrest and conviction of an innocent bystander at a demonstration in Moscow. The Case introduces the new Russian super hero - Freddy - No Plastic Man - who fights for justice and to rid the planet of plastic. This short film is one in a series of three, with the other two featuring Freddy's fight against plastic.



Part documentary, part adventure film, and part cultural reflection, Bollywood Road is a story about a Russian actor who decides to conquer the world of cinema after his graduation from the Russian Academy of Theater Arts – starting with Bolllywood. He flies to India and begins his quest via motorcycle, train and on foot. He has but one aim - to become a Bollywood movie star. With little money, but much drive, he casts his fate to the wind. Will he find his way to Bollywood, succeed with his dream or succumb to the difficulties of being a stranger in a foreign country? A revealing portrait of youthful adventure, dreams and Indian culture.


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There are many legends flying around the “Dead Horse” beach. This beach is recognized as one of the most dangerous places in the World. One reason - pollution - which killed all life on the beach many years ago...



Our goal is to inspire people to follow their dreams, to make the world better for everyone and to care about our planet. We do this by sharing our experience through stories where we all can learn, understand, live and feel this world. The main thing is for us all to be honest in what we do, and just go! Go, Bro!